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Shows that both my wife and I watch:
White Collar
Doctor Who
Once Upon a Time

Average of about 2 hours a week.

Shows that my wife watches without me:
Downton Abbey -- I need to start this one
Covert Affairs
Beauty and the Beast
Warehouse 13 -- I haven't decided on this one yet

Average about 3 hours a week.

Shows that I watch without my wife:
Clone Wars
Game of Thrones
Venture Brothers

Average about half an hour a week.

My total average per week: ~2.5 hours
BJD's total average per week: ~5 hours

And that's not counting movies, recently finished shows (Leverage, Fringe), shows we used to watch that are still going (Burn Notice), or non-ongoing shows that one or both of us are finally getting around to watching (Dollhouse, Joan of Arcadia, Brisco County Jr.).

We watch TV, yo.
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I finally got around to actually watching Dirk Gently and I cannot. Stop. Laughing.
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If you've seen the new series, check this out.
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I had a fleeting idea for a Torchwood/Buffy crossover this morning and then realized that if I were true to the original creators' visions, everyone would end up dead by page 10. :-P


Aug. 8th, 2011 06:01 pm
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Fuck you, Russell T. Davies. Burn in hell.
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If every time the elder Stark daughter shows her stupid face I want to punch it? Possibly with spikes?
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I have an amazing girlfriend who brings out the best in me, makes me laugh, and will always be there for me.

My good friends just gave birth to a lovely baby girl with an absolutely fabulous name.

I get to go visit my closest friend-family tonight and have tea and play with their wonderful kid.

I'm making plans on visiting other out-of-town friends instead of waiting for them to come to me.

I'm buying a sexy laptop.

People want to play in the games I run, and tell me so.

White Collar is back today.

The book I'm reading is good.

So BUGGER OFF, depression. My life is pretty awesome right now.
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I promised myself that I wouldn't watch Season 10 of Smallville until it was over, and now I'm going back through it. I just had to drop a note to say: "GOD DAMN am I happy to see Lionel Luthor chewing the scenery again."

Seriously. Glee!

TV Calendar

Jun. 2nd, 2011 03:56 pm
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White Collar: Tuesday, June 7
Burn Notice: Thursday, June 23
Leverage: Sunday, June 26
Torchwood: Friday, July 8
Haven: Friday, July 15
Sherlock: Fall
Clone Wars: Fall
Doctor Who: returns Fall
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After watching this week's Game of Thrones, it finally hit me:

They're all screwed, aren't they. Every single character. All of them. Screwed. Irrevocably.

For whatever reason I hadn't realized I was watching a post-modern Shakespearean tragedy.
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And I thought, "Yes. Hell yes. This is what television is supposed to look like."

Except that it was a lot louder, and with more swearing.
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I think I may have been oversold on this a little. I haven't read the books yet, but from what I understand a lot of what makes them so good is that the world is so richly dark-- full of violence, betrayal, grit, sex, and tragedy. It's very much the kind of series that belongs on HBO. The problem for me is that actually seeing someone's guts fall out or two people rutting like minxes snaps me out of the drama pretty much every time. In my imagination it's terrifying and sexy, but on screen I've never seen a severed head that didn't look fake and almost no nudity that didn't feel staged.

The first episode is also very much the flying overview of characters; the cast is enormous and there are a lot of people to introduce. My expectation is that we're going to get a hell of a lot of character development going forward, but it will take time. Like any other series, they're opening with the overture and we'll start getting the individual themes later.

It has the potential to be very, very good. It's extremely well put together television in all respects. But I'm not instantly sold and it wasn't realistic to expect me to be.
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Classic Doctor Who fans, check out these shirts.
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Via Rotten Tomatoes.

There's a bit where the author talks about the marginalization of women as a potential audience that's... worded poorly... but otherwise it's an interesting article.

It also underscores what a lot of us have been saying for a long time: we watch tv instead of movies because the quality is quite simply higher. I can stack pretty much any two episodes of White Collar against pretty much any heist/action/comedy picture last year and I can guarantee with 95% certainty which one is going to be smarter, classier, more human, and less hackneyed.

Per the last episode, it's Cary Grant versus Ratso Rizzo.
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I really need to start pointing people at this as I introduce them to the show.
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So, I've been watching the last season of Doctor Who again. Can I just say how nice it is after two blistering competent and bossy Doctors to have one that's daffy, vulnerable, and a little incompetent?

It's brilliant.
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I'm avoiding the obvious joke, but I'd just like to say I'm jealous of both of them.