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Some student quotes from the advertising copy from the math classes I used to teach:

"The most important thing to be able to survive in this class is not to be afraid to ask questions whether it be (to) a teacher or another student."

"I realized that not everything has to be straight this plus this, this times that-- you actually get a chance to explain why you think, what you think in this course."

"Never be afraid to say your answer, even if you think it's wrong."

"I learned how to be patient, and that I have to keep trying to do something, otherwise I'll never understand."

"This course is definitely hard and unlike anything I've ever done before. This is a big reason why I have and will stick out this course... I want to prove to myself that I can do this."
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"Ok folks, you're getting your first papers back today-- which means that about five minutes from now someone is going to be thinking, 'This sucks, Mr. D graded me down just because he disagrees with my position.'

"Let me clear something up. I disagreed with everyone's position. I disagreed with the pro-life ones and the pro-choice ones, with the people who argued for the death penalty and against it. It's my job, I teach rhetoric. I disagree with people professionally. It's not personal and it's not just you.

"I'm here to make you a better writer, and I'm going to do that by arguing with you. The proper response from you is not to go off and sulk thinking, 'This isn't fair, I'm never going to pass this paper.' The proper response is to find a way to argue back because that will make your paper better.

"Just because your topic is sacred to you personally doesn't mean it's unassailable to anyone else. Your job is to defend your position and prove your points, not just advertise the rightness of your cause. If you read my comments and are rendered speechless by outrage, you either need to get over it or pick another topic per the syllabus. If you can't handle criticism generally, I highly recommend finding another institution that's willing to take your money and tell you how great you are."

On students

Nov. 2nd, 2010 08:59 am
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"I think they actually have a moral code, they just expect us to match it."
"Narcissism is not a code."

News check

Jun. 29th, 2010 08:14 am
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Over the last few days I've had two separate teachers come to me asking "So you know the IAI thing? Will you guys be standardizing your textbooks?"

I do not know the IAI thing. The only thing I know is the Core Standards thing, which a) is K-12, not college, and b) still leaves book selection at the district/school/teacher level with a small number of exceptions (a high school student should have read at least one Shakespeare play before graduation. Horrors). I mean, we are sort of standardizing textbooks here, but that's because of federal legislation. Yet both people specifically mentioned IAI.

So am I missing something here, or are people freaking out about the wrong things?
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While I appreciate the situation the parents are describing and I believe whole-heartedly that kids need free time to grow properly, this still makes me want to throttle someone.
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1) A friend of mine was working in the Writing Lab when a student came in for help with a paper arguing that the world was flat. Her rationale? Because the Bible said so.

2) Another friend of mine was also working in the Writing Lab when another student came in with a paper about why homosexuality was wrong. Why? Because Jesus said so when he wrote the Ten Commandments.
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"In the old days, or so I'm told, students who wanted to avoid studying got drunk. In the really old days, they got drunk and duelled in the streets of Paris."

From RYS, of course.


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