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But this was just so blisteringly stupid that I had to pass it on.

Share my pain.
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Republicans: elected to fix the economy, going to use their power to lock down abortions. Every time I hear the word "mandate" I want to punch someone. Also if someone could explain how encouraging population increase is fiscally responsible, I'd love to hear it.

Why must everything be a package deal in this country?
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I'd like to take a moment to echo Spider Jerusalem here.

Americans like to blame politicians for what goes wrong in our country. But who elected them?
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Voting responsibly is also a pain in the ass. I think I finally have it worked out for all relevant positions, but it took a number of hours of digging and I'm still not happy with the available choices in one of the races.

I am amused to note that while I usually end up voting party line for federal government, I'm almost always a split ticket for state and local. Hopefully this drives someone somewhere up the wall. :-)

ETA: And yet I made the mistake of looking at the forecasts for the next Congressional term, and now I'm depressed and angry again. Explosive fights from all sides of the House, more gridlock, and a Republican mandate that's essentially "repeal everything the Democrats have done for the last two years?"

It makes me physically nauseous.
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You. Yes you, person on the internet who thinks the people complaining about the casting in the Last Airbender are "overreacting." Who says that the anime characters having round eyes or ambiguous skin tone makes it okay for them to be cast white in the film. Who points at all the villains and minor characters being cast Asian as evidence that the picture supports diversity.

Take a step back with me for a moment, and let's talk about films in general. Take a minute and name every American live-action film you can think of that was made in the last five years. I'll wait.

Done? Ok, good. I'll bet you probably thought of a dozen movies or more. Now take another minute and name every American live-action film you can think of that was made in the last five years and has an Asian lead. Not a villain or a supporting character, mind, but the hero/main character.

It was a much shorter list, right? You might not even have thought of any.

That second list should be longer than it is. Even one film a year would be an improvement, and that's hardly unreasonable to ask. But the only way for that to start happening is for a few brave directors to start casting Asian actors in movies people see. Once it starts, it will probably spread.

There are a lot of contextual issues that can complicate things with this particular film, but that's the underlying truth. If M. Night had stepped up, he could have helped fix the problem with the lists. But he didn't, and that makes a lot of people sad and angry.

If you run into one of those sad and angry people, please don't try and argue with them. Explaining why it's okay The Last Airbender got cast the way it did isn't going to fix the problem with the lists.
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So, Anna Paquin came out as bisexual in a PSA for the True Colors fund.

The first comment-- the very first comment-- on the story is "Bisexuals are a myth."

If I could kill someone with hate through my computer, I would totally do so right now.
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Reading about politics in this country makes me physically ill.
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This I can still laugh at, but it's an effort.

My favorite is "Obama's Communist Manifesto" in the middle.
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I do love the new RNC chairman.

Do the math, darling. If a new straight couple gets married, by your logic that also costs small business owners money. Making this argument is one step away from making the argument that you want to abolish the financial benefits of marriage, and you do not want to go there.

It's not about the fucking money. Don't pretend that it is.
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Informative, but depressing.

I don't understand all the economic details, but I get the metaphors he's using for the general shape of things. And what I do understand, as is proper, concerns me.


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