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Doctor Who short stories. As always, no review necessary.

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Next book due: Thursday, December 15th
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This is such a middle book that I don't feel like I can review it properly until I've read the last one. So much depends on how it's resolved. I'll get back to it.

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Next book due: Thursday, December 1st
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I said most of what I wanted to in my previous review. This one had much the same feeling. All I would add is that this one had a lot of mythology to deal with and so therefore felt a little less personal. I am greatly pleased by what she did with Morgause and the sword in the stone, though.

Print date: 1973 (20s: 1, 50s: 2, 60s: 4, 70s: 10, 80s: 8, 90s: 9, 00s: 27, 10s: 2)

Verdict: Keep. (43/101)

Page count: 436 (22398 total)

Completed: 63 (28 female authors, 30 male authors, 5 anthology)
Rejected: 38 (23 male authors, 15 female authors)

Next book due: Thursday, November 10th
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Next book due: Sunday, September 18th (another 1-week extension because of Real Life and it being a 600-page whopper)
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Next book due Tuesday, August 30th-- giving myself a one-week extension because the book is 650 pages long and I have a busy few weeks.
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Your kindle previews are short enough as it is. Don't include the preface/author's introduction.


Jul. 12th, 2011 07:01 am
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Bill the Galactic Hero: The Planet of the Robot Slaves by Harry Harrison: Once again, humor books fail to amuse me. At all.
Prey by Michael Crichton: This would actually have been an "ok," but that's really not worth my time at this point. Uninterested, hate the main characters.
Spells of Mortal Weaving by Esther M. Friesner: Ye Olde Fantasie Language. I actually only made it two pages in this one.
Return to Fanglith by John Dalmas: Just do not care. Failure to engage.

Verdict: Recycle. (36/93)

Page count: 62 (18987 total)

Completed: 55 (25 female authors, 26 male authors, 4 anthology)
Rejected: 38 (23 male authors, 15 female authors)

Next book due: Sunday, July 24th.
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I have an amazing girlfriend who brings out the best in me, makes me laugh, and will always be there for me.

My good friends just gave birth to a lovely baby girl with an absolutely fabulous name.

I get to go visit my closest friend-family tonight and have tea and play with their wonderful kid.

I'm making plans on visiting other out-of-town friends instead of waiting for them to come to me.

I'm buying a sexy laptop.

People want to play in the games I run, and tell me so.

White Collar is back today.

The book I'm reading is good.

So BUGGER OFF, depression. My life is pretty awesome right now.


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