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Two things.

1) My politics were formed during W's presidency, and I learned a lot of lessons then that are still with me. But I'd forgotten the visceral feeling of waking up angry every. single. morning. And that's going to be an order of magnitude worse this time around. With W I was basically just cranky, but this time I need to find some way to channel it or my anger is going to do some real damage to me and mine.

2) My wife said to me yesterday, "I can't believe it took Donald Trump to get you on Facebook." And... yeah. Facebook is too useful of an organizing and communication tool to ignore now. I need to be supporting my friends and facing my enemies, and my circle here is too small for that kind of public work.

Dreamwidth is always going to be where the really personal stuff is going to go. I don't want anyone seeing that other than a few people I trust. But Facebook is where the work is going to get done.

I'm still trying to figure out what that's going to look like. Do I repost news items? Do I reply to other people's thoughtless shit? Do I block people or try to engage them? I'm not sure yet (and I welcome any advice on this score.) But it's time for a little activism, and facebook is a reasonable place to start.

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Date: 2016-11-13 02:36 pm (UTC)
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I will tell you one lesson I learned very hard (actually on LJ, via fandom, but mostly on gender issues): a commitment to open discourse and the power of words to persuade doesn't mean that you have to (a)tolerate abuse or (b)spend a lot of time on someone who is is not there for open discourse. I've written things that people had either legitimate criticisms of or asked legitimate questions of, and I try to engage those or when appropriate, just listen. But when someone comes screaming at me, or gives me the equivalent of "lol you mad," I don't hesitate to cut that off right then and there.

I believe in generative rhetoric, that debate can create new knowledge and new understanding. But I've hit a point in my life, not just in age but in circumstance, when spinning my wheels doesn't have appeal or purpose. And it's okay to set limits in your own space.
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