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As I process my shattering grief and my incandescent rage this election, I am only beginning to realize where I am in American history: namely, where we were a century ago.

We are going to relitigate basic human equality and agency again, as we have done every fifty years or so since the Civil War. We are going to fight to break the grip of the ultra-rich, just like we fought the monopolists and the Great Depression.

We are going to march, and riot, and protest. We are going to suffer violence and get thrown in jail. They are going to starve us and deport us, impoverish us and deny us. We are going to be hated and held in contempt.

In my naivete and privilege I thought this would not be my life. That this was not my America. I believed that we were moving forward a little at a time, even when it meant ignoring the voices crying out that it wasn't enough.

I was wrong. We are doing this again.

I may never get my dream of America back. Certainly I no longer expect to see it in my lifetime. I find myself thinking of the First World War, and how the rhetoric and feeling at the time said that it was the war to end all wars. But history repeats itself. I think of myself in fifty years, when the next revolution has truly come and been washed away, and I despair.

But it changes nothing. We will still fight, because the present is unacceptable. We will still fight because every human is worth defending, period. We will still fight because we have no choice.

I lost a lot of illusions this week, and the truth is terrible. Half of America voted to step backwards, and that means that history is once again going to repeat. I don't think most of those people know what that means.

But I'm starting to.
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