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Roleplaying is being  someone you want to be doing things you want to do in a place you'd like to see.
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I find it amusing and humbling that on my very first night back GMing after a six-month hiatus, my players threw me a perfect "why don't we fly in the top of the volcano" moment. And not only did I not see the obvious coming, but I didn't roll with it. Instead, I pretzeled the plot back to something resembling my original intention... when with a half hour's hindsight, I'm already figuring out ways that rolling with it would have been fine.

I hear you, roleplaying gods, and I appreciate the reminder: this is not a novel. It's a good thing to be whacked upside the head with after six months of crazily intense planning.

Tomorrow, we pick up the pieces again and see what new pictures we can make. :-)

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When you change the bank software such that I am obligated to use a shorter password, pre-generated security questions, a widget-based interface, and choose my security image from cute animal pictures, it is not an upgrade.
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We carry our burdens,
manufacture joy,
fight disappointment,
and forget
that we are not the world--
until we are pierced
by a single unsought moment.

One glimpse of fathomless everything.

It is the blessing of knowing
that where the unexpected happens
there is always the possibility
of change.
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I am alone between two moments,
wrapped in the illusion of stillness.

Here there are no triumphs,
only empty memories.
Here there is no future,
only distant silence.

Here there is only vast, unknowable nothing;
no sound but the echo of my own voice.

When I speak, my words become the world.
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In darkness there is the winter wind:
the clarion snap
that awakens the lost,
abjures the wasted,
and respects only purity.

Feel it blast through you,
scouring your breath
until only flame remains.
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I vaguely remember reading/hearing J. Michael Straczynski saying once that Babylon 5 just dropped on his brain all at once, and he had the basic setting and plot worked out in a matter of days.

Well, I suddenly believe him. I just had a nearly complete setting just drop out of the sky on me yesterday-- with a title!-- and I've been scrambling to write it all down. I already have four pages of single-spaced notes on the thing and I feel like I'm just getting started.

This has never happened to me before that I recall, but damn is it cool.
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Three weeks in, my weight has oscillated back and forth right around where it was to begin with; my mood and energy level have shown themselves to be just as unpredictable as ever; and I'm discovering that more than about 6 oz of aspartame a day makes me slightly nauseous.

So... no. Add that to "consistent exercise" and "no caffeine" on the list of lifestyle changes that make no significant difference.
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So, I'm on day 4 of a lower-sugar diet. I'm not counting calories or worrying about fat content at the moment, just trying to reduce the intake of added sugars in my foods. I had gotten to the point where I was having multiple sodas a day plus two desserts/sugary snacks plus sugar cereal plus additionals. Suffice it to say that my "reasonable" goal is to take it down to consuming less than 100 grams of added sugar a day. In practice this seems to work out to about three moderate sugar events a day: half a can of throwback, a modest dessert, a small juice, etc. Given that I'm also not counting sugars that naturally occur in foods (i.e. fruits), this is pretty doable.

We'll see if it actually does anything in the long run. Short-term signs are encouraging; I am hungrier than before, which means my calorie intake is probably down. I've been having to keep little healthy snacks around for when I don't eat right-- I really need to make sure I'm getting some fat and protein in my meals now. My energy levels seem slightly improved as well with less need for naps and clearer thinking, but it's too early to tell if this is just a statistical blip. If it does turn out that I could have solved 80% of my medical issues by seeing a dietitian five years ago, I will again want to slap every single person in the Carle medical system.

Next up, running with my wife.
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I am really tired of things I love going out of production.

That is all.
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Shows that both my wife and I watch:
White Collar
Doctor Who
Once Upon a Time

Average of about 2 hours a week.

Shows that my wife watches without me:
Downton Abbey -- I need to start this one
Covert Affairs
Beauty and the Beast
Warehouse 13 -- I haven't decided on this one yet

Average about 3 hours a week.

Shows that I watch without my wife:
Clone Wars
Game of Thrones
Venture Brothers

Average about half an hour a week.

My total average per week: ~2.5 hours
BJD's total average per week: ~5 hours

And that's not counting movies, recently finished shows (Leverage, Fringe), shows we used to watch that are still going (Burn Notice), or non-ongoing shows that one or both of us are finally getting around to watching (Dollhouse, Joan of Arcadia, Brisco County Jr.).

We watch TV, yo.
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My student worker made delicious cookies to share.
I have game tonight where all my players are going to be physically present for the first time in six months.
I did something totally ridiculous for said game. Like, "What, seriously? You did that? For real?"
I also ordered a copy of a comedy choose-your-own-adventure Hamlet.
And picked up the current ridiculously awesome Humble Indie Bundle.

Keep it up, day. I like your style.
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Double pinkeye. *sigh*

Edit: And an ear infection, apparently.

On notice

May. 7th, 2012 08:32 am
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Today can stop sucking any time.
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Me: Well, we could always have two houses.
My fiancee: I don't want two houses. I want to live in the same house as you.
Me: What about if we both had half of a duplex?
Her: No! I don't want to share a common wall with you.
Me: Why not? You could be my common-wall wife.
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I finally got around to actually watching Dirk Gently and I cannot. Stop. Laughing.


Mar. 13th, 2012 10:37 am
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As of May 5th, we should have a house.
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But this was just so blisteringly stupid that I had to pass it on.

Share my pain.


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