Secrets From the Vault v. 1

Jun. 25th, 2017 05:04 pm
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Hi everyone!  I think I have recovered enough emotionally from the finale to start going through Sean's notes (I was gifted with the electronic ones as well as a bag full of papers--a Weaver's dream come true!)

Right now I am in the process of sorting/organizing, but I hope to do a weekly installment of interesting facts and tidbits as I go through them.  I've been putting things in chronological order and I'll start from the beginning next week, but here are some fun things I saw while I was sorting:

-I saw notations in several places that indicated Pascual was originally supposed to be/become a Zealot.  Also on one earlier page, a note that said "Pascual = Tanith".

-A note from the episode with Dahlia's funeral in Book 5: "Twins backstory: after Dahlia took over the Reflecting Pool, Clintock sent Baldassare, Otello, and Marcello to scout out the city and check out the Ikons.  In the process they broke into the Pool and ran into Tenkhet.  Tenkhet adopted Marcello for the Loom, but she made a deal with the twins as well--information for secrecy, and that she would get them in with Temptation if they would act as Tenkhet's agents against her if necessary."  Tenkhet never really got over what Temptation did to her in Nedivah. 


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